DIET: The Zone Diet is a high fat, medium/high protein, low carb diet that revolves around percentages

Your carbohydrate and protein intakes are measured in specified percentages based on your goals (and athletic endeavours) and your actual calorie intake is then calculated accordingly. The most common ratio of macronutrients on the plan is 30:40:30 (protein:carbs:fat).

The diet also stipulates a 5 meal per day approach to ensure that you never feel hungry and thus prevents overeating and snacking on junk foods. Carbohydrates are classified according to their glycaemic index numbers and low GI carbs are preferred.

The health goal of the diet is to balance the insulin-glucagon ratio in dieters and ward off disease and ill-health.

The Zone’s diet systems can become quite complex, with blocks and mini blocks etc., … which dieters can use to measure their food intake, however there are also simpler tools like various ways to use your hand to measure food quantity.

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The Zone diet has seen a lot of anecdotal success but has few long-term studies to back up its claims. That said, based purely on the basic ideas of the diet, I would recommend it as a healthy option, and a diet that could be right for you if it suits your lifestyle and needs.

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