My birthday month has finally arrived and the festivities started on Tuesday at one of my best friend’s birthday dinners.

It was so much fun that we needed to congregate at a pool on Wednesday afternoon to recover with some bubbly …

While I wait for Santa to deliver a Chanel handbag to me in a few weeks, I figured I could share a few birthday wishes.

Not going to ask for peace on earth because all the beauty queens seem to have that covered.

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My first wish is for summer to truly make a permanent appearance

By this time I should be prancing around in my short dresses and tiny shorts but the rain and chilly weather are preventing me from living a life where my Instagram feed is filled with blazing outfit pics.

For practical reasons, I would also like the liver of an ox, so that my metabolism can keep up with the endless rounds of champagne, wine and cocktails that are going to happen over the next three weeks.

yolisa-champagneA birthday trip would be nice…

I just realised I didn’t see the inside of an airport at all last month. So a change of scenery, even for a few days, would be most welcome.

Last but not least … shiny, expensive presents are always welcome. Failing that I’ll take R600 000 in cash.