4. Use a smaller plate

We all want the satisfaction of having a full plate of food. Make this happen for yourself by using the smallest plates you have.

During meal times, fill your plate with food and enjoy it. Just follow the instructions above about waiting 15 minutes before you even think about a second helping!

Having a smaller plate allows you to eat less, but also feel satisfied. To make this effect even stronger use a blue plate! Scientists have discovered that blue is an unnatural colour to our brains when associated with food, and we tend to serve less food as a result.

Copyright: gigra / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: gigra / 123RF Stock Photo

5. Chew some gum

Shopping for groceries on an empty stomach is never recommended! You are likely to end up buying a bunch of things you want but really don’t need.

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You should never shop when hungry, but if you can’t avoid it, chew some gum while browsing the aisles. This will stop your brain from encouraging you to go for the ‘quick fix’ bag of crisps or chocolate at the till.

Simulating the act of eating while shopping makes you less hungry, and thus less likely to buy the ‘naughty’ stuff.

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