When you really get down to basics, most people who struggle with their weight eat too much food, or they eat food that is unhealthy – or both! …

The best way to start getting your weight under control is to start managing your diet, and the food you eat. Getting out of old, entrenched habits can take some time and effort. Especially if you enjoy food as much as I do!

Most people think that if you’re on a diet, you are depriving yourself. That you will never be able to really enjoy a delicious meal again… and that you’re doomed to a life of cabbage soup and salad in order to lose weight.

BUT – if you are wise about your diet – you can still enjoy food without the excess weight.

Here are six great ways to cut your calorie intake without too much effort:

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1. Always order the small

Whenever you have the choice to order a small, medium or large quantity of food, opt for the smallest one.

Even the small size usually has more calories than you would ideally need, but the large will have up to triple the calories of the small, making it far too much food.

Most people will eat more if it’s available, even once they’re full. Don’t get sucked in by the relative cost ‘saving’ of ordering a large either… the large is costing you your diet goals.

Copyright: rido / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: rido / 123RF Stock Photo

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