TIP: STOP! Think before you chew

One of the biggest mistakes made by dieters is that they tend to feel like they have fewer choices than they actually have about what they eat. I want to set you free from feeling limited today.

You have the right to refuse to eat anything you don’t want to eat.

When you’re on diet it becomes incredibly important to exercise this right regularly. What am I talking about? Say it’s a colleague’s birthday: You really don’t HAVE TO have a slice of cake just because it’s HER special day, do you?

Menu changes

You also have the right to request menu changes at restaurants, or even to request items that don’t appear on the menu (within reason).

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Just because a sandwich comes with fries doesn’t mean you can’t trade them for a side salad. It also doesn’t mean you HAVE TO eat the fries. The restaurant can say ‘No’, but then you can exercise your right to go somewhere that does cater to your needs.


Choose your groceries wisely

You have the right to fill your trolley with the foods you should be eating on your diet. Do it. Don’t get suckered into buying unnecessary items that you KNOW are bad for you. You WILL eat them if you buy them, because wasting food is CRIMINAL, right?

You have no NEED for snacks unless they are part of your diet PLAN. You have no need for chips before a braai. You have no need for biscuits with your tea. You have no need for sugar in your coffee.

Think about what you are doing, and why you are doing it BEFORE you eat, and losing weight will be far easier.

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