DIET: The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet encourages 21st century people to return to eating the way some people THINK our ancestors ate thousands of years ago.

The plan basically involves eating foods that are as ‘natural’ or unprocessed as possible. Meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and wholegrains are on the menu.

The diet has become increasingly popular since the rise of Crossfit (Paleo is the officially recommended diet for Crossfit athletes – even though most of the top athletes follow the Zone diet).

Generally speaking, people who follow the Paleo diet properly have a great level of success, although this could be due to the fact that their eating habits before trying the Paleo diet were fairly poor (as with most other diets).


The good thing about Paleo is that it gets people eating unprocessed foods. If you get the percentages right and focus on veg and fruit, then nuts, seeds and grains, then animal products you will get healthy and lose weight too.

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Don’t go crazy!

The place where people often go wrong is believing that they can eat unrestricted quantities of foods like meat and nuts which carry a lot of calories.

Also, just because food appears unprocessed doesn’t mean that it is automatically healthy. Fresh foods are often sprayed with chemicals, and the animals we eat are fed medications and hormones which we end up eating. This means some caution and label-checking is still required.

Overall though, I think the Paleo diet is a healthy choice.

Check out the Paleo Happiness Cookbook for some healthy recipe ideas (available for $9.99 or around R139)


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