DIET: The Vegetarian Diet is a diet where certain (sometimes all) animal products are excluded for various reasons.

It is seen as a controversial diet by many zealous meat-eaters as they believe that humans are an omnivorous species. In reality, while humans may BE omnivorous, our bodies are designed more like those of herbivores than anything else.

Also, we eat more meat in our diets than almost any other omnivore out there, so we have become something between omnivores and carnivores really.

Vegetarianism can be followed for various ethical reasons, but we’re talking about DIET here, not ethics and morality.

So will going veggie help you lose weight?

The answer is that it CAN, but you have to do it the right way (like all other diets).

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Many vegetarians exclude meat and other animal products from their diets only to fill those gaps with generous helpings of refined carbohydrates. The idea of being VEGEtarian is to eat lots of VEGETABLES. If you do this diet then fruits and veggies should be you go-to foods. Not pasta and cake.

Take a look at All4Recipes for some delicious, healthy vegetarian meal ideas.

Is it possible to be a truly healthy vegetarian?

Absolutely! Will you lose weight? You have a high chance of losing weight if you do the diet correctly. Should you do this diet? Try it, and also do some research about humans eating meat and see where you land-up.

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