TIP: Re-learn these five basic tips

There is so much nonsense out there right now regarding dieting and weight loss that most people who are seriously well-intentioned simply have no clue where to begin on a diet plan.

They usually end-up losing no weight AND getting deeply frustrated because the diet ‘tricks’ they are trying to do take so much effort that they don’t have time to think anymore.

The thing is, the best diet ‘tips and tricks’ are also the easiest ones.

They involve getting the basics of human nutrition and health right, and if you’re not doing these consistently then losing weight is going to be virtually impossible.

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Here are five of the most basic basics that you MUST do in order to lose weight:

  1. Drink at least three litres of water (a part of which can be unsweetened black tea/ herb teas/ coffee) per day
  2. Eat at least six servings of vegetables and four servings of fruit per day
  3. Eat almost exclusively natural foods – vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole legumes, nuts, seeds, and some unprocessed animal products if you like – egg, dairy and meat. If it comes in a box or from a factory try to avoid it
  4. Eat almost no junk foods and sweets, very rarely
  5. Eat less food than you think you need

If you can do those things day in and day out then you will be on the fastest track to losing weight. Simple. Get the basics right and don’t sweat the crazy diets and tricks that your spam email folder is bombarded with.

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