DIET: The Mediterranean Diet is a diet synthesised from the natural eating patterns of the people of various countries around the Med like France, Italy and Greece.

The people in these countries have a lower incidence of obesity and heart disease than the rest of the world and their lifestyle and eating is (logically) part of the reason.

The diet is focussed around balance and portion control with an emphasis on fresh rather than frozen or man-made foods. Fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, fish and meat are all permitted on the plan.

The trick is to get the proportions right – veg and fruit take centre stage. Fish and seafood is higher on the list than meat. Desserts and other sweets are virtually non-existent. Other important food components of the diet are olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and the idea that a bit of red wine is not necessarily a bad thing.

This is a wonderful diet plan for anyone who has the ability to exercise good self-control and knows when to stop eating. It has all the ingredients of a healthy way of life, and I love that no food group is completely excluded.

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If you can control your portions and not overdo the meat and starches you should be on a winning track with the Mediterranean Diet.

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