In the video below, a protester from the “Shackville TRC” group at UCT says that science must be “done away with entirely” and “start over again.” Skip to 3:45 for key statement

Last week, activists demanded a “Shackville truth and reconciliation” meeting before UCT academic operations were allowed to resume.

“Our main demand is that the university drop all charges and then embark on this [TRC] process. And we cannot have it off campus – it must happen here,” Sinoxolo Mbayi told reporters last week.

“We need to visit the sites, and that can’t be done while people are under the duress of interdicts and suspensions.”

Watch the video from yesterday’s meeting below:

Skip to 3:45 for key statement

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Struggle for student housing

A disciplinary tribunal was held on Thursday and Friday for three students linked to #Shackville protests earlier this year.

In February, students erected a shack on upper campus as a symbol of financial exclusion and the struggle for student housing.

The shack was later demolished by security.

Students began protesting on Thursday last week, calling for the university to reinstate students who had been suspended, interdicted or expelled following the Fees Must Fall ‘protests’.

The students moved between campuses on Friday, singing, and calling for an end to lectures.