The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was developed by a cardiologist who needed to get overweight patients ready for serious heart surgery. He had very promising results with getting their bodyweight down and improving general health markers, and decided to make this a diet for everyone rather than just his patients.


The South Beach Diet is a fairly balanced low-carb diet. After an initial elimination stage, some carbs are reintroduced, and the types of fat and protein you eat are somewhat more restricted than on diets like Atkins (where dieters often gulp down massive portions of fatty meats … not good for the heart).

There is a multi-stage process to the diet.

I had a positive experience when I did the diet, and know a number of people who had similarly positive results. There was a marked increase in weight loss, and the foods you are ‘allowed’ to eat are satisfying. You are also allowed to snack which definitely suits many people!

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Overall, I’d say if you’re looking for a diet to try, this is one you could investigate. I think it’s pretty healthy and with discipline, could be a good long-term way of eating.

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