TIP: The ‘Rule of Crumb’

Bread has a really bad reputation in modern society …

While I accept that the stock-standard store-bought varieties are not really beneficial to your general health or weight, there are some breads that can help you lose weight and enjoy your food more – I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a good sandwich, right?!

Breads I’d recommend are the ones made with stone-ground flour

Take your pick from rye, multigrain, whole-wheat, ‘banting loaf’ and all sorts of others. Just make sure the flour used is as unrefined as possible.

Here’s the thing though … the bread itself is not usually the cause of weight gain.

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The problem is that we eat TOO MUCH at a time, and have fatty/unhealthy toppings on it. You see it time and again. Very few people will eat just one sandwich, or have only one slice of toast with breakfast. Or one burger or salad roll.


The problem is quantity

Bread is calorie-dense, and we don’t usually eat it dry, so once you’ve added butter and toppings (peanut butter, mayonnaise, meat, eggs and so on) to the equation, you have a serious number of calories in a sandwich. Then you have ANOTHER one… You see what just happened?

Enter the ‘Rule of Crumb’

The rule (which I made up) states that no matter the meal, you do not eat more than two slices of bread, or one bread roll. It’s so simple it’s crazy, but it’ll work.


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