Last updated on Jun 17th, 2021 at 12:48 pm

Fourteen children 

Nadya Suleman was already the mother of six when she decided to undergo just one more round of IVF treatment. The fertility doctor who treated her, says that he advised her to only implant four embryos but Nadya was adamant about having all 12 implanted.

Going against his better judgement, the doctor says he obeyed Nadya’s wishes and then didn’t hear from her again until she’d given birth to octuplets, making her the mother of a massive brood of 14 children!

Over the years, Nadya (now known as Natalie) has had to do whatever she could to survive, even dabbling in stripping and the adult film industry. She admits to finding herself in a very dark place, depressed and dependant on prescription drugs.

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Thankfully, Natalie and her children seem to be in a much happier and healthier space. Natalie has held down a regular job for three years and regularly runs marathons with her family.

Hats off to Natalie for turning her life around for her children. Not many people have the strength to pull themselves back from the depths of desperation and despair.

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