• Stout beers. These beers are filtered through isinglass. This is a membrane from tropical fish bladders. Even some apple juices are filtered with the same stuff. We are free from this in South Africa, you will be pleased to read, but worth checking any beers, ciders or apple juices that are imported.
  • Cake mixtures in boxes. Many of these mixes contain beef fat, that they call lard. Apparently a lot of the makes have this info rather obscurely included on their labels.
  • Sugar. This is a new one to me. I didn’t know that refined sugar – to make it white – is processed with bone char which is sometimes labelled as Natural Carbon. That seems a bit of a cheat, don’t you think?
  • Red candies (what we’d call sweets)  They are sometimes dyed red using the cochineal insect. On the labels you will read either cochineal, carminic acid or carmine. It is sometimes used in wine, vinegar, juice and coloured pastas.
  • Orange juice. Watch out for labels that say the juice is enhanced with omega-3s which come from fish oil and gelatin. Sometimes lanolin is added for Vit D and this comes from the natural oil in sheep’s wool.
  • Bread. Can contain fish oil again, along with the usual ingredients like eggs, milk, whey, butter and honey.
  • Margarine. Check the ingredients. Some contain whey, gelatin and a milk protein called casein.
  • Peanuts, in packets can contain gelatin.
  • Soy cheese, sometimes cheats by putting in that protein, casein.

Source www.care2.com/greenliving  This is a good site. Look it up and read about the foodstuffs that are vegan that you wouldn’t have believed!