FAD diets and CRASH diets are two of the diets in a category of diets which I’m going to say from the outset are NOT good for you.

These are diets that employ extreme or unnatural measures to get fast, or effort-free (or both) weight-loss results (just that sentence should be enough to let you know they don’t really work for weight loss AND long-term health).

There are many, many diets in this category

They include the Twinkie diet, the Subway diet, the syrup and vinegar diet, any diet where your body is injected or pierced, the tape-worm diet, the banana diet, the cotton-ball diet and all sorts of others.

The way to tell if a diet is a crash/fad diet is to ask yourself the following question:

Could I do this for the rest of my life? If yes, then it’s probably a balanced enough diet (or otherwise, YOU are a little UNbalanced).

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If no, then it’s probably not a good idea to do it at all. Why? Because as soon as your eating returns to ‘normal’ you’ll gain the weight back with interest. That’s just how it works.

The bottom line?

DON’T do crazy diets. They don’t work, they make you sick, and they end up making you fatter in the long run.

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