If there’s one person who knows how to rile people up, it’s Ntsiki Mazwai. However, when she came after Bonang this week it seemed as if she picked on the wrong person

Queen B* is said to have put her foot down in a very stern manner and warned Ntsiki not to make the wrong enemies in this industry.

It all began when Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter to talk about Bonang’s taste in men. This came after video footage of AKA holding his own in a brawl was leaked to the public.

Ntsiki said:

Although we can imagine that Bonang wouldn’t be pleased with these kinds of comments, she’s the last person that you can ever expect to be baited by this kind of social media slander.

Which is why we were all surprised when Ntsiki leaked this screenshot of an alleged email from Bonang:

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that this email is ridden with typos, which leads us to question its authenticity

Not everybody is convinced that Bonang would send such an email.

While some people are urging caution

Do you think Bonang really sent that email?