5. Forgive their faults

So what if your best friend is terribly stubborn and your husband chews with his mouth open? Aren’t they human?

If you want to establish perfect relationships, you’ll have to give your loved ones a bit of leeway. You can poke fun at their imperfections, but don’t place too much stress on them. Be a little more light-hearted, and learn to see their imperfections, the little things that drive you crazy, as being beautifully unique to them.

We spend so much time critiquing each other and pointing out what’s imperfect that we overlook the thousands of innate qualities which are absolutely divine.

6. Accept that you can’t change someone

You can never change someone unless they want to change themselves. Yes, you can offer advice and encourage them to change certain aspects of their lives, but it won’t happen unless it comes from them. If you condition your love for someone and base it on them changing something about themselves, you don’t deserve to have them in your life. Their change may be necessary, but consider that it might never happen unless they change their thinking first.

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So, accept that you can’t change the people around you; they are who they are and maybe someday they’ll be different, but for right now you’ll have to learn to love them exactly this way.

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7. Don’t try to shut them up, shut them out

Arguing is futile; you raise your voice, they raise their voice. You bring up point A, they bring up point B. Why go on this way?

When you and a loved one don’t see eye-to-eye, simply tell them your point, and tell them to get back to you when they’re ready. You’d be surprised how much good a little breathing space can bring. This is especially true in couples – when you argue, you can smother someone to the point that they explode. Instead, take a step back, maybe even a few days, and allow them to contemplate the point of your argument until they understand.

8. Be a bit more tolerant

My parents experienced different types of relationship than we do today.

This is the golden rule to relationships: Endurance

First of all, when it came to each other, divorce wasn’t an option. You stuck by the person’s side through the good and the bad, just as they stuck by you. You bickered and you disagreed, you couldn’t stand each other on some nights, but you never left your partner. The next day, you hugged it out and life went on, and you were still together as you promised you would be.

This is the golden rule to relationships: Endurance.

This is especially true of love relationships, which require more effort than friendships. I’m a firm believer that every problem can be resolved with a small amount of compromise from both ends, and that we over-complicate our relationships when we pay attention to every unpleasant detail or annoying little thing our partner does.

Try to keep things as simple and genuine as possible!



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