How do you maintain your relationships, and ensure that each of them are healthy and thriving?

You have a unique relationship with every single person you know: Your relationship with your partner or spouse is very different from your relationship with your mother, and your relationship with your best friend is quite the opposite from your relationship with your boss.

The question then becomes: How do you maintain your relationships, and ensure that each of them is healthy and thriving? Do your relationships last the test of time, or do they fall apart too soon? Do you base your relationships on trust, love and patience, or do you become angry, intolerant and spiteful all too easily?

If there really exists a secret to perfect relationships, I’m here to teach it to you…

12 Fail-proof steps to building perfect relationships

1. Isolate yourself for one week

In order to discover the truth of your relationship, you have to be without that person for a little while. That way, you can see if you miss them or you don’t.

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Try to spend a week not speaking to or seeing one person you’re very close to, be it your friend or significant other. How do you feel? Do you miss your partner dearly or are you actually glad you’re away from them?

During your week apart, re-evaluate the meaning of this relationship in your life, its positive or negative impact on you, and what you’re both learning from this experience.

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2. Write down everything you love about the people around you

Keep a daily journal in which you jot down the names of the people in your life whom you’re thankful to have: Your kids, your friends, your partner, even an acquaintance whose company you appreciate. Remind yourself of how blessed you are to have so many wonderful people surrounding you.


3. Learn to appreciate

If you want perfect relationships, you have to be the perfect spouse or friend. You have to value your relationships and understand the essential roles they play in your life. Resolve to be more appreciative of the people in your life, even if you don’t always get along with all of them. Acknowledge that their presence is essential for your own good and that each person is here to teach you something very important.

4. Show them you love them

Simple gestures go such a long way. What can feel better than receiving a tiny note during the day that says “I love you!” or hearing “You’re amazing in every way” when we’re doubting ourselves.

We often forget to give back to those who give to us, and it really doesn’t take much to do so. Each day, pick a random person whom you’re thankful to have in your life and do something special for them. Either send them a quick text of encouragement, a hand-written card, or a tiny token of your appreciation for being in your life.


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