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MYTH: Too much fruit makes you fat

Fruit contains a form of sugar. This is true. Because of this fact, and the popular notion that sugar is the root of all (dietary) evil, it has become commonplace for people to get advised to seriously limit their fruit intake so as to avoid sugar because “it’ll make you fat and unhealthy”.


… before we go eliminating entire food groups from our diet let’s examine some other ideas:

  • First, fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, water and other nutrients. It is undoubtedly one of the two most nutrient-dense food groups, FAR more nutritious than the staple diet of the majority of the people taking the advice to avoid it.
  • If you’re eating pizza or sandwiches or muffins (even banting ones!) or yogurt (low-fat or natural) but avoiding fruit you are kidding yourself.
  • Second, the sugar in fruit is not quite the same as the sugar you scoop into your coffee in the morning. They’re in the same family, but they are distant cousins as far as your body is concerned.
  • Plus the fibre and enzymes in the fruit helps you digest the sugar without much trouble.
  • Also, if you’re active – and you should be – then you can use a bit of natural sugar, and you can definitely use some extra nutrients. Fruit supplies these in heaps.
  • Lastly, if you give in to your sweet tooth every so often and eat cake … biscuits, ice-cream, sweets … because you ‘need something sweet’ but you avoid fruit because it’s ‘full of sugar’ then you need to rethink the logic of your diet plan.

Yes, if you eat unhealthily and also eat masses of fruit you will gain weight. Is that the fault of the fruit? I think not.

If you eat fruit as a way of getting vital nutrients and energy and eat otherwise healthily, then fruit becomes your best friend, and CANNOT make you fat.

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