The DASH Diet has recently become the top-rated diet in the USA …

It was initially put together to help people who struggle with high blood pressure and cholesterol, however it has been shown to effect weight loss and make improvements to most markers of health. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

The basic premises of the DASH Diet are to lower your salt intake (1500 – 2300mg per day depending on various factors); eat wholegrains like wholewheat bread, brown rice, and wholegrain pasta for fibre; up your vegetable intake dramatically (five servings per day); eat more fruit (four or five servings per day); eat fish and lean meats; get some nuts and legumes into your diet; cut back on fats and oils; and cut down on sweets and junk foods.

Basic guide to health

This outlines a pretty basic guide to health and makes it easy to see why so many people have been successfully losing weight and getting healthier when following this plan.

If you can follow the suggestions above then you’re almost guaranteed to lose weight provided your calorie intake is moderated and you are not on any harmful medications. Obviously physical activity is also an integral part of the plan too.

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If you feel like this diet is for you give it a DASH!


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