Dolly Parton won’t go on rollercoaster rides for fear her breasts will “fall out”

The 70-year-old singer songwriter has admitted she has avoided belting up to go to her theme park Dollywood for a “long time” because she gets motion sickness and is always worried “something” may slip out in public whilst she is turned upside down on a loop-the-loop.

Speaking to Q magazine about her concern about rides, the buxom blonde said: “That was a long time ago!

“We’ve got several rollercoaster the kids are really enjoying but they’re too much for me. I don’t usually ride the rides because I have a tendency to get motion sickness or worse – I’m afraid something will fall out that we don’t need to see in public!”

The iconic country musician has also revealed she can’t stand waiting for people and gets very “irritated” when people aren’t punctual

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She explained: “I get a little irritated when people aren’t on time and make me run late. It’s my pet peeve. I’m a very prompt person so it gets me more upset than anything.”

Meanwhile, Dolly – who has been married to her husband Carl Deane for 50 years – says she regularly returns to her childhood home in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, to see her family and to renovate her property in a bid to make it look “poor”, despite spending “a couple million dollars” on it.

Speaking about her hometown and the new project, the 9 to 5 hitmaker said: “I was back home just a few weeks ago! I always go back to see my kinfolk. I bought the old place and fixed it up, almost like a movie set, trying to recapture how it was.

“I’ve spent a couple million dollars trying to make it look like we’re poor again.”

Author: BANG Showbiz