The Weight Watchers Diet has a long and mostly positive track record in the weight-loss world …

Thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people have lost weight on the plan, and many of them have succeeded in keeping the weight-loss results for the medium to long-term. This makes the diet one with which to be reckoned.

Weight Watchers is a diet system all about counting points

The idea is to simplify calorie-counting (which can be confusing and time-consuming) by making foods worth a certain number of points, and allowing an individual a certain points limit per day.

Once you’ve eaten your total points for the day you should stop eating until the next day. As the dieter loses weight, the daily points total is decreased slightly and the weight should keep coming off. The system also incorporates a community element due to group meetings and weigh-ins which keep people encouraged by their peers and also by the instructors.

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Healthy foods have fewer points than unhealthy ones

The points system works very well because healthy foods have fewer points than unhealthy ones so it makes sense that instead of having one slice of cake you would eat a few pieces of fruit because you’ll feel more satisfied for longer.

There is a definite focus on vegetables and fruits and the diet maintains a healthy balance because of this. They also do not completely exclude any foods so it is a good plan for people who enjoy variety.

If it appeals to you, this is definitely one to try. There should be a group in your area or town.

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