Leigh trimmed down her thighs and improved the look of her cellulite with a little help from The Rejuvenation Centre in Stellenbosch.

Cellulite. It’s the bane of most women’s lives and it doesn’t seem as though any of the lotions and potions on the market are able to beat it

If one of them was working, surely we’d all be using it and singing its praises, right?

Still, there is a way to improve the look of lumps and bumps while re-shaping your silhouette and that’s with a powerful new machine from BTL called Exilis Elite enhanced by another BTL innovation called X-Wave.

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BTL Exilis Elite is a non-invasive monopolar radio frequency and ultrasound device that can be used on all skin types and almost every part of your body including your face

Completely painless, it delivers energy to the deeper layers of your skin tissue to completely destroy the fat cells while tightening up your skin or can be used to do just one or the other.

The tightening effect is due to the fact that the extreme heat causes your skin’s elastin fibres, something that loses their ‘stretch’ as you age, to contract. The heat also causes your skin to produce more collagen.

This way, you get an immediate effect as well as one that improves over time. The number of sessions you’d need would depend on the area you want to treat and the amount of fat you’d like to zap or measure of skin tightening you’d like to achieve but, on average, four to six sessions are all you’ll need.

As for the X-Wave, this is another cutting-edge innovation that harnesses the power of acoustic waves (sound waves) that induce a vibration within your body. This helps improve blood flow, stimulate your lymphatic system and encourage the production of collagen.

Together, these three actions have been proven to help improve the look of cellulite, scars and stretchmarks.

I was given a series of four Exilis Elite treatments combined with the X-Wave treatment spaced a week apart focusing on my upper thighs at The Rejuvenation Centre in Stellenbosch.

I really liked that the centre was a tranquil, beautifully decorated space that felt more like a spa than a doctor’s office, although there is a highly trained aesthetic doctor in the house in the form of Dr. Heather Blaylock who works alongside skilled therapist Dominique Dingemans.

rejuvenation-centre-bodyIt was Dominique who performed my treatments and I felt perfectly at ease in her hands. I liked that, aside from being friendly and knowledgeable, she had a great eye.

(While the machines are powerful, your results when it comes to any kind of ‘re-shaping’ will depend on your therapist and her sense of aesthetics.)

The Exilis Elite treatment was about twenty minutes long and very comfortable. When the head of the machine was run across my skin, it literally felt as though I was getting a hot stone massage (if it happens to get too hot, your therapist can immediately switch the machine to a cooling mode to prevent you from experiencing any kind of discomfort).

The X-Wave treatment, which was also about twenty minutes long, was a pleasure too. As the machine moves across your body it makes a noise that’s not unlike a not-so-loud jack hammer, but you literally don’t feel a thing.

Once both treatments were done, I could simply pull my pants back on and hit the road. There’s absolutely no downtime associated with either of them nor are their any visible marks.

In total, I had four Exilis Elite and X-Wave treatments spaced a week apart and the results were definitely measurable from day one in that I enjoyed a small loss in centimetres after my very first treatment.

By the end of it, I could see that the shape of my buttocks was most definitely altered

As far as the texture goes, it’s been difficult to monitor the change as it’s not the kind of thing that’s visible in before and after photographs and, as the treatment spans out over a month, it’s hard to remember what you started with, but I do feel like the back of thighs are now more presentable for the beach and I didn’t feel that way when I started.

If you’d like to lose centimetres and improve the look of your skin’s tone without having to resort to a risky, invasive treatment like liposuction, BTL’s new treatments are both very viable options to help you get bikini ready for the summer

If you’d like to lose centimetres and improve the look of your skin’s tone without having to resort to a risky, invasive treatment like liposuction, BTL’s new treatments are both very viable options to help you get bikini ready for the summer.

The Rejuvenation Centre is situated in Stellenpark on the corner of the R44 and School Road in Stellenbosch. They offer a free consultation and are open from Monday to Friday and alternating Saturdays. To learn more, visit them online rejuvenationcentre.co.za or call them on (021) 180 4990.