The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet has been a controversial (albeit popular) one since its inception around thirty years ago.

Dr. Atkins posited that carbohydrates were a real evil in the nutrition world and advocated a diet that was VERY high in animal protein and fats and excluded carbohydrates almost completely, especially in the first phases of the diet.

Many people who did the Atkins plan lost some weight – to be fair, everyone who follows ANY diet will lose weight – and many felt like the diet was a winner for them.

It’s very easy: Meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables (no starches), some nuts – these are the staples. You may not have fruit, starches, bread, pasta, baked goods, sweets, crisps, rice and anything else in the carbohydrate class, even in their whole, natural state (like corn-on-the-cob, brown rice and potatoes in their jackets).

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The big plus with Atkins is that people in the west LOVE meat and dairy

Most people who try the diet just like it because they can eat eggs and bacon for breakfast every day with no guilt.

Is it healthy?

It’s not particularly balanced, and most people who do it will not eat enough vegetables or fibre for a healthy diet. Dr. Atkins apparently died from a heart-attack (though his obituary states otherwise), so bear that in mind.

This is one I would NOT recommend, but if you MUST try it, be aware that it could affect your mood.

I have tried various carb-free diets and just get grumpy and irritable and don’t find they make me lose any more weight than other diets.

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