The Thriller singer, who passed away in 2009, would have turned 58 on Monday, 29 August, and to celebrate, his 19-year-old son Prince penned a sonnet about how much the pop icon still means to him

“To many he is king, to me, a man. All he inspires, to lead a noble cause,” he wrote on Instagram. “Everyone is family, not a fan. Even while receiving thunderous applause.

“The many know the Legend and the Myth, A lucky few know the Man as he is, But not as the Jackson family fifth.

“Son, Brother, Father, these few know him as. He is the Myth, the Legend and the Man. He cares for his mother and his children, The world and everyone, he is a lamb. He is pure, tested, yet has forgiven. He is the archangel known as Michael, He is with us and our tears we must stifle.”

Prince has long praised his father as an inspiration and last year, he paid tribute to the King of Pop before he turned 18, thanking him for the opportunities in his life

“Before I turn 18 tomorrow I really want to thank a few (people) and first is obviously my dad,” he wrote. “He was and is an incredible human being… he gave me an incredible opportunity to make something of myself.”

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Author: WENN