One more episode and then I’m off to bed. I promise. Wait! John’s body is lying in the snow and OF COURSE that’s where “they” end this episode. I’ll have to watch one more …

By Jodi Botha

It’s an epidemic. This binge-watching series thing has taken hold of me – in the biggest way

Whether it’s good, bad, a drama, a comedy, a documentary or a period piece is irrelevant. What is important is that I have a bowl full of popcorn, a comfortable duvet, the couch to myself and the remote control firmly in my hand – just in case I need to pause and think about what travesty just took place.

Somewhere, in the depths of my subconscious, I am somewhat aware of the fact that I may very well be addicted to escapism and living vicariously through my favourite characters. The problem is, all the characters and plots have become one, long, jumbled, messy story in my head. Damian helps birth a baby, Penny sang a song at the Ole Opry and Mary Queen of Scots is telling the story of God with Morgan Freeman.

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It’s all very confusing and has starting seeping into my real life

Just yesterday, I could have sworn that the woman in front of me at the check-out till was wearing an orange overall. Did you notice Tank Girl in the latest season of Orange is the new Black, by the way? It’s Lori Petty, if you were wondering.

Just yesterday, I could have sworn that the woman in front of me at the check-out till was wearing an orange overall

Glenn Close in Damages is a must-see! How can I possibly love a character that is clearly, quite disturbed? Which reminds me, I need to Google the song from the last episode of Season 2.

Perhaps it’s age, maybe its over-stimulation, but every book, every song, every movie and all these series are all becoming one epically long story to me.

So I did what any rational woman would do … I wrote a poem about it:

Netflix, Showmax, Google Play and Catch Up
Oh good grief, it’s 1am, I must be up at 6
Box Office, You Tube, pass another coffee cup
DSTV is repeating chick flicks

Midwives and country stars
Harvey’s eyeing Donna
I’m still humming the theme song bars
From the latest drama

My moral compass has left for West Covina
My loyalty is thin
The Devious Maids have never been cleaner
And Ray Donovan’s taken it on the chin

Soon I hope to replace you all
Can your season please come to an end!
I’ve missed another client call
And there’s a new character to befriend.