6. Melanie Mohr, YEAY, BerlinYEAYceo-melaniemohr

As only the second female founder ever backed by their venture capital firm, you know Melanie Mohr has something special to offer the world. Her new company, YEAY, is described as if “eBay and Snapchat had a baby”.

The app provides a platform for users to sell items with vertical videos, a game changer for the current mobile shopping market. With female leaders primed to take over the e-commerce world, expect to see big things from Mohr and her young company. “Mobile video shopping is the future,” says Mohr. “In five years, traditional e-commerce websites will be the same as how we look at mail-order catalogues now.”

  • Mohr previously ran her own media platform APOLLO.TV, a creative space for viewers to watch videos on the latest in art, design and technology
  • YEAY launched its open public beta version in June this year; prior to the launch the app already gained 7,5 million followers on social media platforms
  • The company has 35 employees from 13 nationalities with 49% female ratio
  • One of the fastest growing start-ups in Berlin, it is on track to continue this expansion within the global market, with forecasts of doubling its user base and tripling the number of sellers on the app in the next three months


7 and 8. Tatiana Livesey and Diana Isac, Winerist, Moldova / UK

Tatiana Liesy and Diana Isac are more ‘girl’ bosses solving a problem within e-commerce, this time for wine-loving tourists. Their website, Winerist, is a global wine traveling platform dedicated to helping wine lovers find the perfect destinations with their free online booking service.

The pair have spoken up widely and publicly about the challenges being female founders, and business owners in general. Their article ‘Beware of Startup Prostitution’ is a good read for anyone thinking of starting a “glorified small to medium enterprise”. They give well-grounded tips for entrepreneurs that are based on their own experience.

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  • Featured in Harper’s, Financial News, Los Angeles Times, Tech City News and more
  • Winerist won Travel Website of the Year in 2014
  • Both Livesy and Isaac were born in Moldova and they moved to London where they worked in finance for several years
  • In 2011 they decided to pursue their true passion, and came together to create Winerist

9. Akiko Naka, Wantedly, JapanAkiko-Naka2

Akiko Naka is the founder and CEO of social recruiting site, Wantedly. Naka’s advice to female entrepreneurs is to, “not be too conscious about your gender,” and to hope that you gain an advantage in terms of publicity for being a minority in your industry. She created her product to help reduce the amount of people unhappy in their careers.

  • Wantedly is the largest social recruiting site in Japan with over one million active users and around 15 000 corporate clients
  • Naka started building Wantedly at the young age of 26 and has previously worked at Facebook Japan and Goldman Sachs
  • Naka will be a speaker at Slush, Helsinki this year and spoke at Bloomberg Tech Conference earlier in 2016

10. Sic Zhang, Momo, Chinamomo2

Another one of the big players, this app reportedly has 60 million users who are all looking for love, friendship and community in China with Zhang Sichuan’s Momo. After graduating from South China Normal University with a Graphic Design degree, Sic Zhang has proven herself to be an extraordinary business woman, showing that an MBA is not a requirement to excel in your career.

  • Zhang is one of five founders of the extremely popular social app in China
  • She now leads the development team in the US markets for offshoot company Blupe, another location-based social networking app
  • Previously, Zhang also founded a company called ‘4 degrees motion design’