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Foster a strong relationship between siblings

You cannot choose your family – you can however decide whether you want to be friends. There are many families in which the siblings are best friends and are basically inseparable, while in other cases they have no contact with each other whatsoever.

At the end of the day, blood is thicker than water, and having a special bond with your family – especially a sibling, depends strongly on the relationship that was built in the younger stages of life. Whether their ages are close together or there is a huge age gap – comparisons and small resentments can go unnoticed, and could cause a lot of damage in the relationship.

Try to implement the following tips in your daily life, to help form a strong connection between your children.

Mutual respect

It’s important to teach your children that even during the worst arguments or disagreements, there should be a standard of mutual respect. Do not create a habit of ruling that the youngest sibling is allowed to get away with bad behaviour, just because of his or her age. Your children need to understand that they must treat others, younger or older, the way they want to be treated.

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