Updated: 30 October 2018
Deciding which look to go for after payday can be daunting with so many new hair trends available. From different types of braids to ombre highlights and curls, here are 10 hair trends from Darling Hair. 

1. Afro hawk

top 10 hair trends Glam Perm Afro-Hawk
Afro Hawk

Originally known as the Mohawk, the Afro hawk has been quite popular among young trendy women. This hairstyle suggests shaving the sides of your hair and leaving a strip of hair but in a more appealing way.

With Darling’s Vibrations you can achieve this hot trend without having to shave the sides of your hair, but by simple plaiting it or making the sides of your hair sleek.

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2. Braid hawk

top 10 hair trends Super Star
Braid hawk

The braid hawk is a faux hawk hairstyle with a complex structure of braids. The main transformation in this hairstyle reputes the probability to accomplish a look like the mohawk with braids and shaving off the sides. One can choose to use the Ombre braids or the Super Star, depending on the feel they are going for.

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BONUS: Ombre braids 

If the braid hawk is too much of a commitment, stick with braids but add some ombre.

3. Grey trend

Many shades of grey is the hottest and bold trend to be rocking this season. Be it box braids, twists or corn rows. This trend is definitely for you bold ladies out there who ooze confidence and love the attention. Darling greys are available in Yaki, Super-Star and One Million Braid to help you achieve these bold looks.

4. Wild African curls

Wild African Curls is a number of spirals that frame the entire face. Layers are long enough for the hair to fall forward and remain bouncy and full. Darling Soft Dread and Kinky Wavy is the fibre to use and gives you a choice to crochet the hair or plait it on.


5. Cornrows

Cornrows must unquestionably be one of the most iconic hair trends, as hairstylists have figured various ways of making this hairstyle funkier and cool every season. From the classic centre-parted plaits to detailed updos, cornrows are definitely the hairstyle for you when looking for a classy and cosy hairstyle to wear for a shorter period of time. Darlings 1 Million and Yaki braids are the perfect fibre to use for this timeless hairdo.

TIP: add in beads for a funkier look.


top 10 hair trends Tamika
Curly pixie

6. Curly pixie

Curly Pixie is proof that hair is the richest adornment a woman can own. When looking for a hairstyle that highlights the shape of your face and facial features, then a pixie is a definite trend to go for. Darling offers a variety of fibres from the likes of Talia 28 pcs to Tamika from which you can choose when going for this look. And if that doesn’t convince you, check out 10 of the best celeb pixie cuts.

7. Long wavy weave

There’s something powerful about women who wear a long weave. It portrays confidence and the “I know what I want attitude”. If you have a nicely-shaped forehead or a low forehead, you’ll look best with a style

top 10 hair trends Yaki Curl
Yaki curl long wavy weave

that’s brushed back from the face. Darling offers a range of wavy weaves, like the Alicia-K and Yaki Curl to give you the classy boss look.

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8. Pick and drop braids

Pick and drop braids are plaited in singularly as opposed to weaving them in. They give you more freedom of styling your hair however you desire. Most women prefer pick and drops because they are a more natural look and style. Darling has a variety of pick and drop fibres specifically for this style like the, Vogue Curl, Jazz Curl and many other more from which to select.

9. Faux locs (bob or long)

Locked bobs are short synthetic dreadlocks which have been trending for quite some time. These locked bobs are very similar to braided extensions, since they are quicker and easier to install.

This is an option for women who love dreadlocks, but don’t want to have them permanently. Using faux locs are not only a great way to add versatility to a head of hair, but can also be well preserved like your natural hair. This means that there is less maintenance involved with the upkeep.

The perfect hair for locked bobs can be achieved with the Darling Hard Dread hairpiece.

10. Bulky braided bun

Lastly, the bulky braided bun is a simple yet elegant hairstyle when looking to rock an affordable hairdo for a week. Your hair is applied with styling gel and tied up, then you can use either Darling’s Yaki braid or Switch to create the bun on your hair. You have various options for how you wish to style your bun: some would prefer to twist it, while others prefer to braid it in threes.


Now that you’ve decided which trend to try, let Darling Hair enhance your beauty and confidence with their range of eccentric hair to suit your look this season.

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