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It’s so easy to find excuses why you can’t exercise …

It’s cold outside. I exercised yesterday. I feel the flu coming on. Or I simply don’t have time. We’ll tell ourselves anything to avoid working out, even though we know we’ll feel much better afterwards. Well, the Fedhealth team is here to help you bust at least one of those excuses: Being short of time.

We know that life is busy

The popularity of Joe Wicks’ book Lean in 15 shows us just how busy people are and that they’re looking for meals to prepare and workouts to do in a very short space of time. Which is why we’ve pulled together a workout that you can do within 15 minutes. Do it as soon as you wake up or in your lunch break and still have time to spare – so you can see results while still saving time.

Ashleigh Iovino from FitMom, a company specialising in training for women, suggests getting yourself some basic equipment, like an exercise mat and dumbbells of an appropriate weight (depending on your strength). You also need a timing device, like the stopwatch on your phone.

She says anyone can do this workout (including dads!), and you’ll find yourself getting fitter and stronger in no time:

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15-minute workout

Do five-minute intervals of each exercise and perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Repeat until the five minutes is up – you will do each exercise twice. Be sure to take a one-minute rest between intervals so that your body can recover.

Interval 1: Legs

  1. Squats: put your hands behind your head, keep your chest up and your core tight
  2. Walking lunges with dumbbells
  3. Step-ups holding dumbbells (use a chair or step and make sure you are alternating your legs)
  4. High-knee runs (run on the spot, being sure to get your knees up high)
  5. Jump lunges, alternating your legs
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Interval 2: Arms

  1. Push-ups: if you can’t do full push-ups, then do beginner push-ups on your knees
  2. Dips: use a chair or a step
  3. Bicep curls
  4. Plank to push-ups (these are called commandoes)
  5. Shoulder presses

Interval 3: Abdominals

  1. Straight-leg sit-ups
  2. Mountain climbers
  3. Bicycles
  4. Plank
  5. Burpees

Doing the above workout will exercise various parts of your body in a short space of time, although for maximum results, you should complement this with longer periods of exercise too.

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