How to supersize the bedroom

Do you have cabin fever? Being forced to spend more time indoors, out of the cold winter weather, has many of us wishing we could click our fingers and magically supersize our homes.

Since magic and moving probably aren’t on the cards, here are some ways to supersize a home, starting in the bedroom…

Clear cluttered surfaces

Rainy, cold weekends offer the perfect opportunity to get stuck into decluttering. Start with what you can see – the surfaces.

From bedside pedestals to open shelves, the more open space you can create on surfaces in the bedroom the calmer and more spacious it will feel. On the other hand, a bedroom packed full of items like ornaments and books appears cluttered, chaotic and smaller than it is.

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Grow up

Give your bedroom a grown-up look that will also make it appear that much bigger. We’re talking ‘adding a canopy or four-poster bed’.

Why it works: The vertical lines draw the eye upwards, playing up the vertical space and creating the perception that the ceilings are even higher than they are. It also adds a sense of grandeur to a small bedroom.

Picture it

Add a view to your room by investing in a dreamy landscape painting, print or photograph in a large format.

Gallery walls, which are full of lots of little paintings, are great in big spaces, but in a small room one large landscape, seascape or mountainscape painting creates the perception of having another window in the room. A painting that draws the eye into it, with a country road winding through fields perhaps, helps add a sense of depth to space.

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