You just had a baby. It is incredible and awe-inspiring. It is also really, really hard …

Here’s what might be going through your head:

  1. Is that noise normal?
  2. Is my baby sleeping too many hours at a time?
  3. Should I wake up my baby to feed him?
  4. Is she too cold or too warm?
  5. Should I do skin-to-skin more, or does he like being swaddled?
  6. Is she peeing and pooping enough?
  7. Is he spitting up too much?
  8. Can I give her a pacifier?
  9. Can I give him some of the formula in the middle of the night?
  10. How do I breastfeed?
  11. How often should I breastfeed?
  12. Did my milk come in?
  13. What is normal nipple soreness, and is my baby latching correctly?
  14. Is my baby eating too much or too often?
  15. Is my baby not eating enough or not often enough?
  16. Is my baby spitting up too much, and are they even getting any milk into their system?
  17. Does my baby have their days and nights confused?
  18. Is it normal for my baby to wake up every hour all night long?
  19. Why won’t my baby let me lay him down?
  20. Why does she like to be carried only upright?
  21. Do I need to work on getting my baby on a schedule?
  22. Will I ever sleep again?
  23. Do some babies really fall asleep by themselves?
  24. Is my baby in pain or just really fussy?
  25. How do people know what their babies need?
  26. Why does my baby scream when my husband tries to hold him?
  27. Why does my baby go right to sleep when my mom holds her?
  28. Why does my baby hate his carseat?
  29. Do I need to use a nursing cover while breastfeeding?
  30. How do I use a nursing cover while trying to get a good latch?
  31. Why does my baby fall asleep every time he starts eating?
  32. Do I really need to give my baby Vitamin D drops?
  33. Is co-sleeping dangerous?
  34. Can my baby sleep in their carseat for naps or overnight?
  35. Does my baby need to wear those mitten things?
  36. Should I put hats on my baby?
  37. Should I put my baby’s crib in our room, or in their own room?
  38. Are there any toys that actually interest a baby?
  39. Should I have bought the swing that goes side to side instead of back & forth?
  40. Is it okay to hold my baby for every nap?
  41. Which baby carrier should I be using?
  42. Do I need to upgrade to a video monitor or even a heartbeat monitor?
  43. How often do I need to check on my baby throughout the night?
  44. Should I clean my house or just rest?
  45. What do I need to be eating while breastfeeding?
  46. Should I be pumping and introducing a bottle?
  47. When can I introduce a bottle without nipple confusion?
  48. Why does my husband get to go to work while I’m stuck here?
  49. Will I ever feel normal again?
  50. How do people do this more than once?

The answers to these questions obviously vary, and each of them deserve a post of their own! The bottom line is that each baby, each mom, and each family is different; and every new mom has a million new worries running through their head. This is a totally new world for both you and your baby, and it is normal (and even healthy) to worry.


It will be okay

Even on the days where you feel like you can’t do this anymore. Or the days where you are too exhausted to think straight. Or the days where you are convinced that you are doing a bad job of caring for this new human.

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It will be okay

There are many people in the community who can offer you support and peace of mind. Seek out mom groups, veteran relatives, and of course speak with your doctor or midwife. Gather as much information and perspective as you can, and then decide what will work best for your particular family.

It will be okay.

YOU are doing a good job.

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