Industrial action by the Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers’ Union (CEPPAWU) is scheduled to begin at 6am on Thursday morning (28 July 2016) …

The Automobile Association (AA) advises all motorists to be aware of the planned action, and to take the necessary steps to ensure they have fuel.

“It is our understanding that the strike will affect all refineries and depots of petroleum companies. This strike does not include petrol pump attendants, but will start to impact motorists once the pumps at petrol stations start to run dry,” the Association said.

Accordingly, the Association has advised motorists to ensure that they top up their fuel tanks as regularly as reasonably possible. In addition, the AA said motorists should avoid taking unnecessary journeys, as well as stop-start driving to reduce fuel use.

“Driving with an air-conditioner on, speeding, and driving in peak-hour traffic will consume fuel quicker. We therefore advise motorists to adjust their driving patterns as far as possible to ensure that the fuel in their tanks lasts that bit longer,” the AA noted.

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It is unclear how long this industrial action will last, but motorists should monitor media, and social media reports, for updates.