By Chiara Di Rago

With Instagram being one of the most popular applications among millennials, it’s time to up your Instagram game. Here are four applications to improve your Instagram skills …

1. Pic Blender

Pic blender

Possibly one of the coolest photo editing applications out there. Pic Blender allows you to combine pictures of yourself with the silhouettes of cities, basically creating double exposure pictures within minutes.The application is available for download on IOS devices. If you have an Android device, opt for a very similar application called Photo Blender.

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To avoid being annoyed by the constant adverts in the free version, put your phone on flight mode while editing your pictures. This trick can be used with all ad-filled apps, unless of course they require an internet connection.

2. Look Birdy


I recently discovered this application while searching for an app to get my cat to cooperate and take a selfie with me, yip first world problems … Once I discovered Look Birdy I learnt that the app was, in fact, created to help parents take the perfect pictures of their babies without losing their dignity in public.

The application uses bird sounds and the flash on your camera to attract the attention of both young children and pets. Available for download on iOS devices.

3. Over


This application lets you put text over images, allowing every Instagrammer to feel like a designer.

With over 240 fonts and 910+ illustrations you’re bound to find the perfect font for every image.

Over has also partnered with two of the world’s best photo sources to put fresh daily images out, so you will never have to worry about not having the perfect picture to pair with your inspirational Monday quote. Have a look at their Instagram page to see the amazing pictures you can create with this application. Available for download on Android and IOS devices.

4. Layouts


Layouts is an application created by Instagram, allowing you to create collages as well as mirroring the same image to create a super cool effect. The application lets you to remix up to nine photos at a time, which you may select from your gallery or even take spur of the moment pics using the built in photo booth.

Layouts is also available for both Android and iOS devices.

Now all you need to do is think of a genius yet seemingly effortless caption for your pic, and you’re ready to become an Instagram hit!