Last updated on Jan 25th, 2021 at 08:32 am

How to supersize a small kitchen

If you’d love to be a master chef, but don’t have the kitchen to match those big culinary dreams, here are three ways to maximise the space in your small kitchen:

1. Pare down on appliances

Do you really use all those appliances?

Sort through what you need and get rid of what you don’t. You could also consider investing in combination appliances, like a microwave and convection oven combination.

2. Bounce the light

Reflective surfaces help bounce natural light and add depth to a space. With this in mind, consider adding reflective finishes and appliances to your kitchen.

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From a mirrored backsplash and stainless steel kettle to white paint and pale wood surfaces, there are lots of ways to add reflective, space-enhancing details.

3. Wheel in an island

While a large kitchen island isn’t practical in small space, a petite moveable kitchen island, set on castors, is a great way to get the look while adding extra counter and storage space.

And the best bit? You can roll it to where you need it most – even outdoors when hosting the first braai of spring.

What are you doing to save space in the kitchen?

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