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Despite growing up in a two-bedroomed shack in a poverty stricken community, Terry Pheto continued to dream of a brighter future for herself

It was more the dream of a little girl wanting to have a better life, than the reality that was in front of her, that has kept Terry motivated all these years.

Taking a trip down memory lane, the actress gave fans a glimpse into her humble beginnings as a little girl.

“I hail from the dusty neighborhoods of Evaton, two-roomed shack, rough jagged unprotected, no concrete streets. No running water and no lights. I felt the cold, and endured the brutal ache of being A HAVE-NOT,” she said.

Even though she didn’t have much, Terry says her circumstances did not stop her from dreaming

“I am that girl, that shoeless zealot who dared to dream. I am that girl who could not and did not let the poverty I was born into make my heart sick,” she said.

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The internationally recognised actress says that she knew deep down in her heart, that one day she too could be like the women she saw in old magazines.

“Leleti Khumalo, was she real?? Shado Twala, was she real? Indeed! So Yes that could be me! And there where others, women who once were children, underprivileged and undiscovered. I believed, Yes this could be me!”

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