I knew I had to have some tutoring when I told my daughter that I was horrified that one of my husband’s pupils wrote that he was the “dopest” principal ever in his birthday card – only to be told that that was a compliment …

If you are mystified by your teenager’s slang, here’s some help (list supplied by my 14-year-old daughter):

1. Bae – another name for babe (means your boyfriend or girlfriend)

2. Dope – really cool or awesome (glad I know that one now)

3. Sick – also really cool or awesome but dope is more commonly used now

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4. Awe – (pronounced ah-weh) Hi or hello. Also used as an exclamation

5. Lol – (pronounced lol not L O L) means laugh out loud (and not lots of love, as her gran seems to think)

6. Lit – when something is amazing. Usually used when talking about a party or something fun

7. What kind – a greeting. Also means “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?”

8. Yo – another greeting meaning “Hi” or “Hey” in a casual way

9. Slay – when you succeed in something or dominate, or do really well, or look really good

10. Boss – when something (or someone) is really cool or awesome

11. Squad – group of closest friends

12. Netflix and chill – code for hooking up (having sex).  OMG! Let’s hope they’re only talking about it …

13. Turn up – get loose, have fun, party

14. Turnt up – to party and have a good time (also meaning when you get drunk or high)

15. Vibing – when two people like each other and are flirting but just not dating yet. Claim to be just friends, but always flirting. So “kind of” in a relationship, but not official (and it can stay that way for the next four years, as far as I’m concerned – Mom)