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If you’re going to be planning a baby shower soon, this is just for you!

We know that all the planning involved in making a baby shower a memorable one can be rather overwhelming. Most of us are busy with work, our own kids and all sorts of other day-to-day things! Now, you have a baby shower to plan and host. Sjoe!

Once you’ve sorted out the venue and food, you need to spare some time to think about what games you’re going to present to the guests.

Games that will keep them happy and get everyone involved but also games that will not take you hours to create or see you spending a small fortune.

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We’ve got you covered … 

Choose from 75 baby shower games – all of which are available for easy and immediate download. You can access and print them whenever you want, as many times as you want – there’s no expiry date!

These games are a big hit for the hostess who values her time and wants it all! 

Examples of some classic games included are:

  • Baby Shower Bingo
  • Baby Word Find
  • Baby Word Unscramble
  • Mystery Baby Food Tasting
  • Nursery Rhyme Titles
  • Memory Game
  • Draw the Mommy

For the hostess who is more interested in one-of-a-kind games, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. A few of the exclusive games include:

  • Baby Shower Sudoku
  • Baby on the Big Screen
  • Baby Names in Geography
  • Grown in the Wild
  • Whose Gene’s Should Baby Get?
  • Comic Strip Trivia
  • What’s in Common?
19475285 - baby shower cupcakes / Copyright: ruthblack / 123RF Stock Photo
19475285 – baby shower cupcakes / Copyright: ruthblack / 123RF Stock Photo

There’s no shortage of great games for you to choose from!

Also, since many baby showers have children present, you’ll find several colouring-in pages to keep the kids busy. They can have a colouring-in contest or just present the finished picture to the mother-to-be as a memorable gift.

For only $19 (roughly R285) you get the following:

75 Baby shower games 

Free Bonus #1 – Baby Shower Raffle Tickets

Free Bonus #2 – Baby Shower Ice Breakers

Free Bonus #3 – new tag 50 Baby Shower BINGO Cards

Free Bonus #4 – Baby Shower Ultimate Planner’s Lists


Best Baby Shower Games