Last updated on Jun 15th, 2020 at 09:44 pm

In a telling interview, Boity Thulo spoke out about about the journey of becoming a traditional healer and revealed that she’s unfazed by negative comments

Last weekend Boity confirmed for the first time that she had graduated as a traditional healer, after weeks of speculation.

The Rockville actress shared a picture of herself on social media, dressed in sangoma attire, with a caption that expressed how grateful she is for her calling.

The comments section of the post was filled with thousands of messages from fans – some congratulated her while others hurled negative comments at her.

Speaking to Sowetan for the first time since confirming the news, Boity has revealed that she is still a committed Christian and will continue with her work as a TV personality

“I do go to church and pray to God. My traditional healing is personal to me and it’s between me and my family,” she told the paper.

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Boity added that it feels great to speak openly about her calling after months of swirling speculation and evading questions.

The TV star says that when she announced the news she was ready to do so, and knew there would be mixed reactions

“I was ready. I knew there would be three reactions, they would be very happy for me or be confused and disappointed. But that doesn’t faze me because I’m speaking out expecting nothing. It’s for my sanity and to stop speculation and being asked about this over and over again,” she added.

Boity believes that people who have “unflattering” opinions towards her don’t understand the process.

The TV star has also revealed that her sangoma name is Kgosigadi (queen) Dabulamanzi and that she still has to decide if she will be opening a practice.