A frightening statistic of South Africa’s roads is that between 65 and 70% of the 11,4 million registered cars in the country are not insured …

If you are driving one of these uninsured cars, you are running a major risk that can have serious consequences in your life. It’s a situation the majority of motorists need to take heed of, and address urgently, the Automobile Association has warned.

The Association said a surprising number of motorists underestimate the negative consequences of being uninsured, assuming that it will never happen to them.

Consider that you are driving on a four-lane highway with three cars ahead of you, four behind you, and one on either side of you. If you are uninsured, five or six of these cars will also be uninsured. If you are involved in a crash with one of them, chances are neither of you will be able to afford the resulting expenses.

Repairs are pricey

“Paying for repairs and recovering costs after a crash can be a slow, painful, and expensive process”

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“Paying for repairs and recovering costs after a crash can be a slow, painful and expensive process. This will potentially leave you without transport, or reliant on public transport where it is available, meaning your crash, and the result of you being uninsured, will impact on your life in significant ways,” the AA said.

A further problem, the AA said, was that up to 800 000 vehicles in South Africa are either unregistered or classified as unroadworthy, meaning the possibility of being involved in a crash with an uninsured car is even higher.

“It is unlikely that these 800 000 cars are insured given that their owners are not even registering or looking after them. These cars potentially pose a bigger threat to you as they are unsafe because they are unroadworthy. What would happen if you are involved in a crash with one of these vehicles and your car suffers substantial damages? Who is going to foot the bill if you aren’t covered? This is a double blow because you may end up having to pay the instalments on a vehicle you no longer use, while at the same time find ways to fund another mode of transport. In today’s tough economic climate, this may be financially crippling,” said the Association.

Cost of insurance too high?

“Some people may argue that the cost of insurance is simply too high. Our view is that the costs of non-insurance are higher, and that failing to properly insure your vehicle places you at a greater financial risk. We understand that times are tough, but we also know that motorists need to cover themselves adequately,” the AA concluded.

For more information on Insurance Driven by the AA visit www.aainsured.co.za.

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