Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 08:19 pm

Actor Atandwa Kani and his ex-wife Thembisa Mdoda’s public split has been making headlines for months now, with the two constantly firing shots at each other on social media

The ‘beef’ between them resurfaced last week when Atandwa expressed relief at being able to watch reality show OPW, since Thembisa was on a break and Jessica Nkosi was guest presenting.

The shade did not sit well with Thembisa and Anele who fired back in a series of tweets. Anele even implied that Atandwa and Fiks got married on a balcony.

“He’s not a man, but a young boy who doesn’t grow up,” tweeted Thembisa without mentioning Atandwa’s name.

And with popcorn in hand everyone waited anxiously for a response from the other camp …

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A few days later Fikile responded. “How can we throw shade with so much light though? I’m kidding, we’re more than capable. Don’t mistake our silence for weakness.”

A fan took aim at Fiks for being “childish” and it was then that she erupted with anger

“Your name is Malenyalo and you ain’t even married, so go join team Anele/Thembisa with hashtag no ring or baby daddy x2,(sic)” she wrote. Ouch!

The actress also made it clear that anyone who messed with her husband would have her to deal with.

“You know these people don’t even know who or what they are talking about. And I’ve have kept quiet and let them whine. And they bank on the fact that I’ve been quiet. Mxm! They ghunnah learn! (sic)”

Meanwhile, during an interview on East Coast Radio a few days after the public spat, Atandwa opened up about the pain of reportedly finding out through paternity tests that the twin boys he raised with Thembisa are allegedly not his biological children

The actor revealed that the discovery left him shocked and confused.

“I still today am a bit perturbed by it. I’m still angry. I’m still frightful. I’m still bitter,” he told the station.