There are literally HUNDREDS of diets out there. And if you’re into reading the marketing material, each one claims to contain the magic secret that will make your body into a weight-loss machine …

Very few of these diets have any long-term story of success though.

Enter the ‘Mediterranean Diet’

It’s a ‘diet’, but it’s also just a way of life to some of the healthiest people on earth. It doesn’t pretend to be magic, but it works.

Here are five tips to get you started:

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1. Stop counting calories

On the Mediterranean diet you’re not going to count calories anymore.

Instead you’re going to swap unhealthy fats for healthy ones (more olive oil, less red meat and margarine), eat fresh fruits instead of sweets for dessert and enjoy red wine and wholegrain bread in moderation. You’re also allowed to eat lots of veggies and beans and some nuts (a handful per day).


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