‘Blesserism’ is officially a thing. Well, let’s face it, it’s always been a thing; people have enjoyed the benefits of dating wealthy partners for years now. But it’s only recently that the word ‘blesser’ has made its way into South African slang

So the question on our minds today is: which South African celebrities do you think could be the ultimate blesser? Someone who will shower you with lavish gifts, someone who will dine with you at only the finest restaurants, someone who might just go crazy and buy you a car for your three-month ‘anniversary’.

Here are a few candidates…

Lebo M

Fresh from his split from Zoe Mthiyane, Lebo M is now available to date, or bless, whomever he pleases.

Twitter - @IamLEBO_M
Twitter – @IamLEBO_M

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