If you’ve considered or tried permanent hair removal, chances are you’ll know about IPL (intense pulsed light). This was the old way of doing things and it wasn’t really as effective, skin friendly or painless as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is the future and, oh boy, have I seen the light thanks to Luxe Laser in Sea Point, Cape Town.

A relatively new laser boutique in Plaza da Luz, Luxe Laser launched with a bang by running fantastic specials that made it the talk of the town. The fact that it’s become a crowd favourite with local beauty bloggers and boasts celebrity clients like former beauty queen Gina Athens and highly recognisable local models like Kerry-Lee Cousins and Dominique Lamon didn’t hurt either.12933021_499007913638888_1366151607188800572_nAbove: Model Gina Athens.

Speaking of no pain, that’s one of the big draw-cards about laser hair removal. It’s virtually 100% painless, but more on that later. Other major plusses include the fact that a laser is incredibly precise, making it a lot more effective than IPL. In fact, IPL’s tech now looks almost prehistoric by comparison. You see, when you use a laser, you can target each individual hair and zap multiples of them with just a single pulse that takes a fraction of a second while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. This is why, after having a laser treatment, you don’t have to worry about not going in the sun afterwards, because it hasn’t ‘cooked’ your skin the way IPL does.13007238_504257513113928_5759616592873543743_nMore reasons to love the laser? If you have a darker skin tone, you don’t have to worry about potential burns, the way you would if you were doing IPL, as the laser doesn’t affect your skin and can be set to work with all skin types and hair colours.

I’ve been going to Luxe Laser for a while now and have been super impressed by their friendly service, world class machine (they’re using the multiple award-winning Soprano Ice which is regarded as the Rolls Royce of hair removal) and great results.

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My therapist, Stephanie, has been wonderful in that she’s super knowledgable and has a calm and confident demeanor that makes the potentially daunting experience of whipping off your pants and hitting up your lady bits with a laser gun a total walk in the park. In fact, the entire bikini area session (currently R635 per treatment and R3 175 for the course of six treatments), took no longer than 20 minutes and I left going ‘What? Is that it?! Are we really done?’12994551_504257533113926_8530309309257228593_nAs far as their virtually pain-free claim goes, they’re not lying. I’ve tried IPL once before under my arms and can attest that it felt like I was being bitten by a troupe of ants. With Luxe Laser’s machine, however, the treatment felt just like a hot stone machine, which is rather pleasant, with maybe one or two quick zaps where it felt like a super mild electric fly swatter had touched my skin, but only for a millisecond.

While I could see a visible reduction in hair growth after my very first session (I was in and out in about 20 minutes!), I’m now four sessions in with just one more to go and haven’t felt the need to bother with any other type of hair removal method since as there’s almost nothing to fuss with.

In all, I’ve been so impressed by Luxe Laser that they’re now the only hair removal salon I could ever recommend to friends, many of whom have now tried them and are also just as thrilled with their results.

If you’re looking for a superior way of de-fuzzing, give Luxe Laser a ring on (021) 433 2827 or visit their website for more information as well as great specials. Their current specials (correct at the time of publishing) include women’s under arm hair removal at R199 per session and 50% off women’s legs. Also, if you buy five of any treatments you’ll get one free.