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Summertime is here! For most of us this means enjoying the great outdoors â?? going to the beach, swimming, riding bikes, and camping.
Here are some tips to keep safe this summer:

Stay hydrated

It is important to drink enough water. Your body needs this to prevent dehydration. Remember that your children can become dehydrated much more easily than adults. By drinking lots of water you can prevent heat stroke too.

Protect yourself from the sun
Wear sunscreen every day. Pick a sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher which offers UVA and UVB protection.
Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunâ??s UV rays. The same rays that damage your skin can also increase your risk of developing eye problems â?? not to mention developing premature wrinkles around the eyes!

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Keep up your energy levels
Keep up your energy levels by limiting your intake of fat and sugar.  Rather focus on carbohydrates, fresh fruit and vegetables. Try some oats in the morning. They contain vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and iron.

Child-proof your swimming pool

If you have children, child-proof your swimming pool. Enclose the area with a fence and a self-latching gate and/or put a net over your pool.  Donâ??t forget to supervise your children wherever they swim, even if they know how to swim.

Wear a life vest

Always wear a life vest while on the ocean, lake or river â?? it can save your life.

Repel those insects!

Use insect repellant, when necessary, to prevent those pesky insect bites. Calamine lotion helps with itchy or painful insect bites.

Avoid food poisoning

Donâ??t eat food that has been left out for more than an hour. This can cause food poisoning. Food poisoning does increase in the summer months because bacteria grow faster when the weather is warmer.  More people have picnics and camp then and are then more exposed to food poisoning.

Change up your exercise routine

Do exercise, but in moderation. We all know that although summer is here, most peopleâ??s business season also starts now, which means they are very busy. Being on the go the entire day and trying to fit your normal exercise schedule in can lead to exhaustion.

Rather balance your hectic work and exercise schedule by blowing off some steam in safer ways. Keep active by swimming with the kids, walking the dog or attend a yoga class at your gym.

Don’t forget to pack your meds
If you need to take certain medication, remember to pack it when you are going away for a weekend or going away for the holidays.
Lastly, although you should make every effort to do this year-round, drive safely! And watch out for those pedestrians and cyclists too.

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