For the most part, young women all around the world have dreamed of their fantasy wedding since they were little girls playing dress-up

When the big event finally does happen, the challenge to craft a wedding to top all weddings is massive. Much thought goes into choosing a theme that will impress friends and family and because of the immense amount of practical planning, little thought is given to the wedding video.

So when budgets are strapped, how do you still achieve a wedding video that looks like it has been filmed and produced in Hollywood? It’s so important to have a professional videographer at your wedding, and know how to get the best out of your day to produce a professional-looking final filmed production.

To get your videographer to create and produce the wedding video of your dreams, collaborate with them at the onset of your planning. This means meeting with them to discuss your expectations, taking them to see the church and the reception venue.

Their minimum requirements from you should be:

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  • An order of events
  • Introduction to the MC who should be in control of your day and know exactly what is going to happen, when and where
  • Inclusion in any rehearsals to discuss what footage you want captured and how best to achieve this
  • A visit to the venue prior to the big day
  • Layout of the reception
  • Introduction to contact people at the venue
  • Introduction to wedding planners
  • Introduction to the DJ
  • A list of all important contact cell phone numbers

What do you need to know from a filming perspective?

On the day

Every bride and groom wants to capture as much of the day as possible.

This begins with getting dressed and having your hair and make-up done. Let your videographer know where this is going to take place and at what time, to enable them to set up in time to ensure that they are there to film everything.

Remember that wedding days in general are stressful, which means that if they know beforehand what you expect of them, filming your video is just one thing less for you to worry about on your big day.

The venue

Your videographer must have had at least one visit to the venue with either the wedding planners or the organisers of the wedding. Ask them to capture footage of the venue prior to the big day, which will assist with your ‘Hollywood’ production.

Lighting and camera placement at the venue/church

Great light equals great clear footage. This means that the time of day and whether your event takes place indoors or outdoors, will determine what type of lighting will be required.

While having bright hot lights shining on you as you’re taking your vows can be a distraction, knowing the important part that they play in producing excellent footage of this very important experience, will help you to take your mind off them and concentrate on what matters.

Your videographer will know where best to place the lights so as not to intrude too much. However, it is strongly suggested that during rehearsal, you discuss with them the placement of both lights and cameras to ensure that the cameraman has a clear, close view of the all-important bride and groom. Some churches have restrictions regarding video cameras, such as where they may be placed, so you may need permission beforehand.

At the reception

It is important for your videographer to see the layout in order to know where to place lights and tripods. No-one wants to see their final wedding video production with people walking in front of the camera during the entrance of the bride and groom to the venue and the all-important speeches.

Get your MC to ask your guests to please remain seated during this time and if they have to move around to ensure that they don’t walk in front of the video cameras.

It is important that your final video has great sound – no-one enjoys distorted music or not being able to hear what people are saying. Thus, having a sound system that your videographer can connect to, will ensure that they obtain the best quality sound to produce the best quality end product. In order to achieve great sound, collaboration with the DJ is extremely important. The videographers need to couple into their sound system for good-quality audio, particularly during the speeches.


Your videographers cannot be at their best if they are hungry! Please remember to include a small table for them to sit at and to include them when dinner is served.


To ensure that they create your Hollywood production, send your videographer as much info as possible in terms of your chosen theme. Include images that you may be using and a copy of your wedding invitation so that they can come up with a fabulous design for the cover of your video box, to complement the event and ensure great memories are made for both the bride and groom, and the guests.

Article courtesy of Bridal Hub.