Despite a rocky start to their lives, a lion named Cameron and his white tigress, Zabu, have found true love

The animals were bred at a zoo in New England, US, in 2000 for one purpose only – for them to procreate a family of “ligers”.

But that was not to happen: Zabu, a Siberian-Bengal hybrid, had genetic flaws due to breeding and Cameron was 90kg underweight.

Luckily, they were both rescued from the zoo, aged four.

According to People’s Weather, the Florida-based Big Cat Rescue organisation built a large natural enclosure for the two of them to share, as they had truly bonded as a couple.

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Hormones started to plague Cameron and he became extremely possessive of Zabu and a threat to his keepers. As a solution, he was neutered and Zabu was spayed.

Now they have settled in happily as a couple. Cameron lost his glorious mane as a result of being neutered, but his mood has mellowed dramatically and copes a lot better in the hot summers without about 6kg of extra fur around his neck.

According to their keepers, the two truly enjoy each other’s company, play together, nuzzle, and take peaceful naps.

(Photo: People's Weather/Facebook)
(Photo: People’s Weather/Facebook)