Yogini Ramnath tells us why deep breathing is so important and how we can use the breath ot heal ourselves.
Have you ever watched a baby breathe while it sleeps? So calm as its belly rises and falls with every breath.
It is a proven medical fact that as adults we use only 20% of our lung capacity. Breathing as an adult knows it, is shallow with only the upper part of our lungs being used.
Breathing directly influences the bodyâ??s nervous system; that’s why many people are so anxious
Poor breathing reduces your oxygen intake and impairs metabolism. We spend a lot of time sitting badly, leaning forward towards a computer or bent over a desk, slumped in an armchair or lying on the couch. During all of this, we are pressing down on our lungs and reducing, even more, the amount of air we allow into our lungs.
We live in a stressful world â?? everything is rush, rush, rush. You need to sort out home, family, children and to get to work.
You spend valuable time in traffic. You are all worked up and irritated before you even start your day. People and society seem to be uncooperative.
All these situations and more make us spend most of our life in â??fight or flightâ? mode. Our breathing becomes shallow. The air barely reaches halfway down our lungs. How often have you found yourself unconsciously drawing in a deep breath? This is your bodyâ??s way of telling you to BREATHE, that it needs oxygen!

We are dependent on oxygen. Shallow breathing robs us of oxygen!
When we are in this stressed mode, our bodies are constantly pumping adrenalin. Too much adrenalin in our system is toxic. So indirectly we are poisoning ourselves.
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Also, our heart has to work harder to cope with the adrenalin and the shallow breathing. Our bodies react in showing of symptoms of different diseases.
Doctors are unable to pin point exactly what is wrong with you, your medical condition ends up being called a â??stress related illnessâ?. So, hundreds of rand and numerous of drugs later you still have no answers or cure to your condition.
A restless monkey breathes about 32 times per minute in contrast to mansâ?? average of 18 times. On the other hand you get the elephant and tortoise, known for their longevity, they breathe at a far lower rate. For example, the giant tortoise breathes only four times per minute and lives for well over a hundred years.
By becoming aware of your breath and forming good breathing habits, health changes come naturally.
Some of the benefits of proper breathing:
Improves focus, concentration & memory.
Improves overall health, including the immune system.
Improves sleep patterns, posture and skin condition.
Improves metabolism resulting in natural weight loss.
Last but not least â?? a naturally younger looking YOU!!
The correct way to breathe is like that sleeping baby â?? long and deep, right down to the belly. Stop taking your breath for
granted, become AWARE of it and start to actually BREATHE!
About the author
Self Development and Mind, Body, Wellness Coach, Yogini Ramnath is also a Crystal Therapist and Meditation Facilitator. She facilitates workshops and does one on one therapy sessions.
Life changng workshops
â??Getting Into The Flowâ? is a four hour interactive workshop. The aim of the workshop is to teach the participants to BREATHE properly, Stress Management and Self healing using the breath.
Workshops are normally held in Randburg but arrangements can be made for other areas.
Also, at Corporate Level : â??What better investment can an employer make in an employee than teach the employee to BREATHE….. In return, the employer has a calm, happy, wholesome, productive employeeâ?.
For more information and bookings, please contact: Yogini Ramnath on 083 735 3403 / 074 758 4903
Email: yogini.ramnath@gmail.com

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