It’s here! The stress-busting brain-booster that makes you calm, cheerful and confident – fast! (Or your money back)
Relax! Sleep well! Laugh more! Study better! Be more!
Do you want a rapid solution to stress? Is worry wearing you down? When last did you laugh from your heart (or your belly, for that matter)?
The pace of life today means we are often burning the candle at three ends and using a blow torch to do so. Our bodies (and brains!) cannot cope with all the demands. As a result, we see an explosion in people suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, sleeplessness, anger attacks, chronic headaches – you name it.
The solution: the Elexoma Medic
Fortunately, an astonishing solution is now available. A simple yet extremely powerful device that has no less than three Nobel prizes backing it up! It is called the Elexoma Medic and it is turning lives around.
What’s three times better than Prozac?
CES was found to be two times more effective in treating depression than the most effective antidepressant drugs on the market. In fact, CES treatment is three times as effective as fluoxetine (Prozac) in the curing of depression, compared to placebo (fake treatment).
Get that? Three times more effective than Prozac in treating depression! If that’s what it did for full-blown medical depression, imagine what it can do for a little bit of low mood?
Sleep deeper, wake brighter
Now what about sleeplessness and tiredness? Here’s the good news:
One study reported an average 67% effectiveness in treating sleeping disorders among 648 patients, while increasing daytime vigilance.
– Smith RB, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC. 2007, pp 37-43.
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In other words, two out of three people suffering from insomnia reported sleeping normally after CES treatment.
No pain = NO PAIN!
Pain is part of life for most humans. But too much pain can dominate your life to such an extent that it rules your life – relationships suffer, your work suffers, sleep suffers. Life becomes a misery.

Pain is the presenting complaint in eight out of 10 visits to the doctor! There is an entire industry built around pain. Painkillers are not innocent drugs, however, since they have many side effects, some of which can even be life threatening. The Elexoma provides a form of pain relief that is rapid and free of side effects.
One study reported an average 92% increase in beta-endorphins in the CSF after only 20 minutes of a single CES treatment. The CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) is the fluid that surrounds the brain and beta-endorphins are the body’s own pain-fighting chemicals. An increase in the body’s endorphins means that you feel less pain and feel much better overall.
Proven 386% increase in attention span after a single 20 minute treatment
Dr Frank Muller is a medical doctor and a pharmacologist with a keen interest in alternative medicine, in particular herbal remedies and electrotherapy. We spoke to him about this little ‘miracle machine’:
The Elexoma Medic is supported by Swiss technology. How long has it been around internationally and is it new to South Africa?
The Elexoma was developed in the early 2000s and tested under controlled conditions. I had been involved in selling electrotherapy devices in South Africa for some years, more as a hobby than anything else. 
Since one of the Elexoma developers has links to South Africa and since I was a doctor who understood something about electrotherapy, I was approached to help evaluate the Elexoma in clinical practice. 
After two years of doing this, I was so utterly convinced by the effectiveness of this magical little machine that I insisted on getting a distribution license. So, I’ve been actively marketing the Elexoma since the beginning of this year. The exceptional results continue to surprise me, even though I’ve already seen so many people benefitting from it.
The machine claims to work by â?? providing tiny electrical impulses to the body (this is commonly called MET or Microcurrent Electrical Therapy). These impulses stimulate cells to make a range of chemicals that are essential for peak performance. When these impulses are applied to the brain (something commonly called CES or Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation), the nerve cells are stimulated to communicate faster and betterâ?.
Can you guarantee its safety and are there any side effects?
Electrotherapy is much safer (and often much more effective) than any Western treatment out there and yet people continue to drink medicines in large quantities. Electrotherapy has a long history of use. 

Over the centuries, it has become clear that only a tiny amount of current is needed to achieve good outcomes. The Elexoma incorporates the most recent scientific findings and therefore it delivers microcurrent. Microcurrent is an electrical current so small that the human skin can hardly feel it. It’s more like being tickled with a feather than anything else. Yet this tiny current does all the hard work of restoring cells to balance.
A few people have complained of tiredness or mild headache after their first treatment, but these symptoms were short-lived. After the second or third treatment, there were almost no complaints of side effects anymore. 

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It really is an extremely safe form of treatment. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also agree and readily allow the use of microcurrent therapy.
The Elexoma Medic machine makes some amazing claims. Have you used it yourself and what conditions did it improve for you?
There is this saying of, “Physician, heal thyself.”  Well, I was certainly in need of some healing myself some years ago, when I had a slipped disc.  The pain was so excruciating, I could not sleep. But microcurrent therapy at the site of the pain took it away almost immediately and helped me to have a good night’s sleep. 

And post-operatively, I could treat the muscle spasms in my back effectively, too. While I don’t have much wrong with my brain (my wife disagrees), I use the Elexoma’s CES programme to boost me in the morning. I call it my electric coffee. At night, it has the opposite effect and helps me to sleep deeply and wake refreshed.
One of the most powerful effects I have seen was in a close friend suffering from severe depression. He was on maximal dosages of three drugs and still near-suicidal.  After three days of treatment with the Elexoma (half an hour a day), he was effectively normal again.

He managed to become drug-free and is now a happy man. Occasionally, he might boost himself with his Elexoma, but he is not dependent on it for his good mood.  There are many similar stories I could tell, though this is one of the more dramatic ones. Anybody suffering from pain, anxiety or low mood can benefit.
Is the brain-boosting power and increase in attention span achieved by the relaxation properties of the machine?  I have read that the machine increases energy to the cells, which stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, chemicals needed for happiness and relaxation.  In other words, do you believe that a relaxed brain is more focused and can retain more information?
This is a tricky one to answer simply, since brain chemistry is very complex (to put it mildly). Attention span deficits are effectively due to a kind of addiction to change. 

The brain needs a continuous stream of new information to feel “good”. By supplying the “feel good” hormones in a natural way (they are released from the brain cells, not added to the body from outside), the brain can focus on other things than obtaining the next “fix”. So, the “relaxed” brain can focus because it is not constantly hunting for the next distraction. 

This is also why the Elexoma helps for sleep – most people struggle to sleep because their brains are just too busy. And you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise that a busy brain is liable to forget things. The Elexoma really helps in this regard, too. It is easier to store memories and easier to retrieve them when you are relaxed and not in a panic.
So what exactly does this little wonder machine look like?
For all its powerful benefits, the Elexoma Medic is remarkably small and portable. It’s about as big as your hand and as thick as your fingers. It weighs as much as a large slab of chocolates and has a large liquid crystal screen that is friendly to read and easy to understand.

A big silver button in the middle of the Elexoma does most of the work. Use this button to select one of the eight pre-set programmes and to set them in motion. The high quality casing is sturdy, with an elegant satin-chrome finish.
You have so much confidence in the product that you offer a 100% money-back guarantee if a customer is still not satisfied after 365 days! Does this mean that there are always guaranteed results?
I describe myself as being in the business of making people happy.  To do that, it is not enough to simply sell a brilliant device that lifts the mood and alleviates pain. The whole buying experience must make people happy and the after-sales service must make them happy, too. This is why I decided to offer the 12 month money back guarantee. 

Firstly, because I am so confident that the Elexoma will perform, but secondly because I don’t want unhappy customers. If something doesn’t work for you, you should be able to return it for a full refund, no hassles. Life is just too short to be unhappy about a dud purchase. 

While I am confident about the power of microcurrent therapy to heal, I also have to admit that there is no “one size fits all” solution to all health problems. But I do know that more than 98% of users will find significant relief from stress, low mood, sleeplessness and chronic pain when they use the Elexoma. And if my Elexomates are happy, it makes me very happy indeed.
In summary, what’s in it for you:
Relieve anxiety
Beat the “blues”
Beat phobias, addictions and / or obsessions
Beat anger
Relieve pain – even severe or chronic pain
Become calm and confident
Become cheerful
Become focused
Become relaxed
Become attentive
Boost your memory
Boost your work performance
Sleep well
It’s so easy to get started
Getting hold of an Elexoma Medic couldn’t be easier. This simple yet powerful little device with all its accessories could be yours for as little as R3,990 or there is a R299 a month leasing facility with an option to purchase.
Buy online or lease now! 
To order or lease your Elexoma machine, go to

Buy using this channel you will get A 5% discount. If you suffer from serious pain, low mood or stress this might be the best investment of your life. And it comes with a “no questions asked” guarantee.

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