Last updated on Jun 13th, 2016 at 10:20 am

This winter Zando’s buyers have been inspired by ‘design with a militant edge’. While you’ll find a host of brands featuring on the site, they’ve been specially curated according to three prolific trends.

The store’s fashion editor, Zeane Singer, breaks them down:

Luxe movement

Juxtaposed classic elements combine with luxury for this athletic-leisure-wear look. Accentuate your favourite knits with an over-sized bomber or biker jacket and slouched denims for the ultimate relaxed


Ethereal romance inspired by the seventies. This winter’s bohemian flair oozes femininity in
its deep tones and rich textures, amid intricate details that include tassels, ruffles and floral flirty prints.NickvdT_20160506-394 copyShadow chic

Lustful offerings layered with decadent applique, fine knits, boastful booties and quilted
jackets that are sure to keep your cosy classy. Keep your stockings high and your fur faux!
NickvdT_20160506-798See anything you like?

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